A voltage line conditioner is a piece of equipment capable of correcting voltage drop and over-voltage phenomena in an electrical system automatically and thus provide a stable voltage for the correct operation of electrical devices connected to the distribution network.

An electric conditioner prevents equipment and machinery failures and increases their useful life to a great extent.

In any electrical installation, some current will flow to earth through the protective earth conductor. This is commonly referred to as the leakage current. Generally, the leakage current flows in the insulation that surrounds the conductors and in the filters that protect the electronic equipment in the home or office. So, what is the problem? In circuits protected by ground fault.

The current interrupters (GFCIs), leakage current can cause unnecessary and intermittent tripping. this can cause increased stress on accessible conductive parts.

Functions the same as a standby UPS, with the additional feature of some voltage regulation built in, it switches to battery power when voltage drops too low, just as a standby UPS does. However, if the voltage drops slightly, a line-interactive UPS corrects this without using battery power. The functionality of these mid-to-high grade units falls between standby and online UPS units.

Line voltage is the voltage between two conductors. The phase current or voltage is that corresponding to each element of the system. In the Y connection, the phase current coincides with the line current. In the Delta connection, the phase voltage coincides with the line voltage.

The amount of power consumed by an electrical device on a circuit. Load capacity is a critical factor in selecting a UPS or a surge protector.