1. Human rights

1.1 Support and respect the protection of fundamental human rights.
1.2 announce to Management if any employee, supplier or client is complicit in the violation of the human rights of a third party.

2. Labor Standards

2.1. Support the elimination of all forms of forced or coerced labor.
2.2. Support the eradication of child labor.
2.3. Support the abolition of discriminatory practices at work.
2.4. Treat women with respect and dignity, avoid any type of harassment.
2.5. Support the growth of our co-workers in the workplace within the company.
2.6. Have clean facilities, worthy for the staff that works in the company.
2.7. Manage the security standards specified by law under the company’s compound.
2.8. Do not discriminate against anyone because of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion and marital status.
2.9. Provide fair, respectful and equitable work place.
2.10. Create Equal opportunities and development for employees in the company.

3. Environment

3.1. Maintain a preventive approach that favors the environment.

3.2. Encourage initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility.

4. Anti-corruption

4.1 Work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
4.2 Report any conduct within the company that implies fraud, breaches of trust and any other that implies a crime

5. From Suppliers to Smartbitt

5.1. Ensure that treatment and communication is respectful and meets business objectives, and at no time should it be malicious in any form of expression
5.2 Respect confidentiality in the information provided by the company to suppliers
5.4. Comply in a timely manner with the delivery of purchased products and/or services
5.5. Generate proposals that improve those of the competition
5.6. Offer cutting-edge products according to the services and activities of the company
5.7. Manage a win-win policy between all parties

6. From Smartbitt to our customer

6.1. The treatment towards the client by the company must be cordial, fair, clear and responsible
6.2. Satisfy the needs of the client, providing a quality service based on the established agreements and the current policies and procedures
6.3. Having a privileged position in the market does not give the company the right to abuse the trust of customers and competing companies.
6.4. Respect the confidentiality and the information delivered by the clients to the company
6.5. Not fall into acts of corruption with the client’s staff or the client in exchange for being favored with an order or contract

7. From Smartbitt to the competition

7.1. Always compete within a code of ethics and honesty in the commercial area
7.2. Not incur in policies that fall into any type of illegal conduct to obtain a competitive advantage
7.3. Work in an environment of respect towards competitors

8. From Smartbitt to our investors and business partners

8.1. Do not hide or falsify information regarding the company
8.2. Comply with commercial agreements signed with our business partners

9. From Smarbitt to the Suppliers

9.1. Fair, honest and equitable treatment
9.10. Respect the privacy, integrity and confidentiality of the information that is handled under the Confidentiality Agreement and the Information Security Policies

10. From Smartbitt to the authorities

10.1. Aby with the laws and regulations in reference to the company’s procedures.
10.2. Always act within the limits of the law
10.3. Comply with tax obligations in a timely manner